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SYNTEL Operator Console
Syntel - 308/206 Syntel - 721/1048
  • Value adding Syntel exchange comes with advanced features, like protection against high voltage and power failure, obsolescence and expense control.
  • Virtual telephony, Syntel extensions can move around the office with you.
  • Has Windows 98 based Graphical Programming Interface.
  • Seamless expandability. Syntel grows with your need and can be expanded from 1 trunk line and 3 extensions to 10 trunk lines and 48 extensions.
  • Remote programming. Our customer care people can program your Syntel exchange from our office itself. No time wasted in waiting for the service engineer to come to your office to program the exchange.
  • Provision for operation without an operator.
  • Syntel comes with a direct in-line pickup facility with programmable ring sequence.
  • Syntel extension (s) can be barred from receiving or making STD / Local calls.
  • Programmable hunt group on junction.
  • Conference call & Call hold
  • Attach extension (s) to Computer & Fax
  • Real time clock, measures the duration of the call.
  • Auto day/night mode. Your Syntel can be programmed to automatically switchover to day and night mode.
  • Wall mountable.
  • Tone / pulse switch able.
  • Built in music, music on hold. Connection to external music source.
  • Hotel package available on request. Out of plan combinations.
  • Your Syntel offers an optional feature of a 16 Khz metering pulse detection, RBT based sensing and Polarity reversal.
  • Your Syntel offers an optional feature of line health monitoring. No blank tones, access to a working P&T line.
  • Your Syntel offers an optional feature of foolproof call billing. Accurate billing through choice of sensors.
  • Your Syntel offers an optional feature of real time caller interface - voice guidance feature, greeting changes with the time of the day. Also, a special message for after office hours callers. You can record the messages in your own voice.
  • Non-expandable models in 2 trunk lines 4 extensions, 2 trunk lines 6 extensions and 3 trunk lines and 8 extensions also available.
  • Your Syntel comes with a one-year SWAP warranty. In the most unlikely hood of a hardware failure there is no waiting for repairs. The SWAP facility is available with the Annual maintenance contract too.

For more information on your Syntel exchange call

Neuron Marketing Private Limited
B-65 New Moti Nagar, New Delhi-110015.
Tel: 25430256, 25467910, 25453711, 25176092, 25166042, 25166043.
email :

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