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  • By getting upper teeth extracted the eyes become weak (TRUE/FALSE)

    FALSE : This is false as there is no direct relation at all , this is commonly beoeived due to the simple fact that , as one reaches the age of 50 , simultaneously the teeeth and eye problems can start creeping up due to maturity , how ever , one must under stand that , this is pure co -incidence and natural result of the ageing process. There is ample proof that , no one has gone blind by getting all the teeth removed. The pain in teeth that is felt in eye can be related to a symptom , just the way pain is felt in arm in case of heart attack , but if the arm is damaged , the heart does not get weak.
  • Scaling (Cleaning of teeth) will weaken the teeth (TRUE/FALSE)

    FALSE : Scaling is done to remove those debris and deposits which your brush could not remove over a period of time , hence it is just professional brushing of teeth .
    By not removing the tartar , the gums will recede or go down , hence the bone will also go down and get destroyed , or resorbed , thus resulting in tooth movement and eventual loss of teeth.
    How ever if scaling is done in time , the gums will remain healthy and so will the bone support of the teeth . There is no limit to the number of times the scaling can be done , it depends upon the deposition of tartar , it can be as early as six months , or in some cases every two or more years.

  • By removing the wisdom molar you will loose wisdom (TRUE/FALSE)

    FALSE : The wisdom molar got its name because in olden times people never knew their exact age and eruption of 3rd molar was considered attaining the age of wisdom that is 18-21 years , hence the name wisdom molars. In present civilisation the eating pattern have changed from coarse to fine food , resulting in smaller jaw size, due to deceased exercise of jaws , hence there is insufficient space for 32 teeth , and most of the cases the wisdom molars either do not erupt or erupt in wrong directions , and have to be removed in many cases. In some cases the one or all wisdom molars may be missing resulting in less than 32 teeth as it is.
  • Brushing spoils teeth (TRUE/FALSE)

    FALSE : Brushing done properly and regularly is always help ful. How ever incorrect method of brushing can lead to problems like wearing away of teeth at gum level.
  • One has to wait for all the teeth to be extracted before getting dentures (TRUE/FALSE)

    FALSE : Even a single tooth can be replaced by a removable denture , fixed bridge or Implant.
  • A tooth if it has cavities and pain has to be extracted (TRUE/FALSE)

    FALSE : Even painful teeth with deep cavities can be treated by special procedures like Root Canal and crowns can be given .
  • What is Root Canal Therapy?

    RCT is a method of saving a tooth by cleaning out a damaged nerve and filling in the resulting chamber.
  • What is Gum (Periodontal) Disease?

    Periodontal disease is the deterioration of the supporting structures of the teeth.
  • What are Dental Implants?

    Dental implants are titanium screws or cages that are surgically placed in the bone of the mouth to which a tooth, bridge, or denture can attach to make a stable restoration.
  • Why should I Replace a Missing Tooth?

    The empty space in your mouth starts to cause many problems including decay and periodontal disease, an unbalanced bite, and stress on the remaining teeth.
  • Why do I need a Crown (Cap)?

    A crown is needed on a tooth when the tooth is weakened by either decay, a fracture or a very large restoration.
  • I don't like my Smile is there anything I can do?

    Besides Braces, there are three common procedures available; bonding, bleaching, and veneering.
  • Why does the Floss shred and get caught in my teeth?

    Floss can shred if the contact between the teeth is tight or there is a rough or broken surface between the teeth.
  • How can I avoid getting Cavities?

    The best way to avoid cavities is by eating right, brushing with a fluoridated toothpaste, flossing daily and visiting your dentist every six months. Children and some adults can benefit by having Sealants placed.
  • At what age should I start taking my Child to the dentist?

    Some say at 1 year of age, but definitely by the child's 3rd birthday.
  • What should I do if my Child's Tooth is Knocked Out?

    Place the tooth in cool milk or if the child is old enough, under the child's tongue. Be real careful not to swallow the tooth and get to the dentist within 30 minutes so it can be reimplanted.
  • When do those Baby and Permanent teeth erupt?

    Teeth erupt at different times in all individuals . Your child's tooth should erupt eventually unless your dentist tells you that there is no replacement permanent tooth.
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